SRP 2018: A Recap

I have to say, this year’s Summer Reading Program felt like a raging success. Not only did more teens participate than ever before, but we also spent a lot of time exploring new things that we have never tried before!
In May, we started our very first Girls Who Code course. This ended up being the highlight of my week! We learned how to design video games, create an app, and code robots! In fact, it was so successful, that our teens voted on continuing the course throughout the schoolyear. You got it!
During the summer, we also got to learn how to grow our own crystals from household ingredients, record our soundwaves, get creative with our favorite song lyrics, discover the science behind velocity, and sing along to some of our favorite movies!
Summer may be over, but we still have loads of things planned for the fall. And besides, now we can start planning for next summer, too!
See you on the flip side…