Francesca Parent

Francesca wants to live in a world where more people understand our common humanity—that despite who we are on the outside, on the inside we all love, we’re all struggling, and we all want to make a world that is better.

As YA Program Coordinator, she’s always trying to find ways to make learning and libraries more fun. When she’s not trying to find ways to get more people into the library, she’s trying to keep up with her husband, husky, and kitten.


Celise reech-harper

Celise wants to live in a world where people encourage learning and creativity, are compassionate, and kindness always prevails.

As Associate Director of Public Services, she’s been spotlighted for bringing new programs and opportunities to her community. When she’s not being the library team's unofficial cheerleader, you can find her failing at training her cats and watching horror movies with her husband.